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Project Overview

Welcome to the Community of Practice for Queensland-based Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) Providers.

COTA Queensland has developed this online community of practice for CHSP Providers across Queensland, with a focus on regional, remote or rural providers and small, stand-alone providers in metropolitan areas.

The aim of this Community of Practice is to support CHSP providers through the Aged Care System Reform processes.

The Community of Practice provides members the opportunity to

  • connect with each other, share ideas and experiences and provide peer support through virtual sessions 
  • receive updates on key aged care reforms, funding opportunities and other aged care resources and matters
  • share challenges and initiatives and approaches that are working well
  • advise on key issues or key needs relevant to their organisation or region
  • seek support from other CHSP Providers or COTA Queensland

We encourage you to participate in ways that suit you and your organisation.

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This Community of Practice is managed by:

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Supported by the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care. Although funding for this Community of Practice has been provided by the Australian Government, the material contained herein does not necessarily represent the views or policies of the Australian Government. 


CHSP wellness and reablement reporting - due 31 July

CHSP providers can now complete their 2024 Wellness and Reablement Report via the Citizen Space Portal. CHSP providers must complete the report by 31 July to meet their mandatory reporting requirements. Click below for more information.

New Integrated Assessment Tool and RAS providers

The Department of Health and Aged Care have advised that the Integrated Assessment Tool (IAT) has now replaced the National Aged Care Screening and Assessment Form. The IAT is the new tool for assessing eligibility of older people for government subsidised aged care. Click below for more information on the Tool, and to see an updated list of RAS organisations.

Draft new Aged Care Act consultation – feedback report

The Department of Health and Aged Care has announced that feedback and submissions from the recent consultation on the draft new Aged Care Act are now available. Depending on parliamentary processes, the new Act will start on 1 July 2025 alongside the launch of the new Support at Home program. The strengthened Aged Care Quality Standards will also apply from the commencement of the new Act. Click below for more information on the report.

CHSP 2024-25 Manual - 1 July update

On July 1, the Department of Health and Aged Care released the updated CHSP Manual. It is important to familiarise yourself with the Manual, and ensure compliance. Click below for more information

Recordings available - Updated 1 July 2024

19 June 2024 - Changing values and culture - a person-centred approach to quality care | Governing for Reform

18 June 2024 - Provider regulation – accountability driving performance | Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission

22 May 2024 - Environmental, social governance (ESG) and climate sustainability in aged care | Governing for Reform -Environmental, social and governance (ESG) is a framework designed to help executives, leaders and governing body members adopt sustainable practices that minimise environmental impact and prioritise social equity. In the webinar the panel discussed practical strategies to integrate environmental and social governance principles into aged care services.

21 May 2024 - Getting Complaints Right | Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission - This webinar focused on our latest complaints report: Complaints about aged care home services - Insights for people receiving care. The webinar covered rights in aged care, what is expected from home services providers, and how the Commission can help. They also talked about what to do if things aren’t going the way people want, including how to make and manage complaints.

22-23 April 2024 - National Aged Care Provider Conference 2024 - Getting in on the Act! Working together for better aged care | Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission - Aged care in Australia is on the cusp of entering a new era with the anticipated introduction of a new Aged Care Act, new regulatory framework and strengthened Aged Care Quality Standards, ensuring a person centred approach to the delivery of care. To understand the upcoming reforms and what they will mean in practice, we hosted a special national conference, ‘Getting in on the Act! – Working together for better aged care’, on Tuesday 23–Wednesday 24 April 2024 at the Adelaide Convention Centre. It was preceded by a program of 9 workshops on 22 April with providers on a range of topics. This free conference brought together residential and home services providers to explore and share how the sector can best be prepared, and to look at how the sector is continuously improving to deliver safe, quality aged care. 

18 April 2024 - Navigating Service Agreements in the CHSP Program | The COTA Queensland Sector Support and Development Team spoke with Lea Readdy, Member Support - Operations, with Meals on Wheels Queensland. Lea provided information on understanding sub-contracting, and considerations for providers - legal and compliance, financial and service quality. This session is beneficial for CHSP Providers in reviewing their contracts, and for CHSP Providers wanting to expand their services. Links to information discussed include: CHSP Growth Funding Grants, CHSP Manual, AHPRA Registration Certificate, Unit Costing Tool, Example Service Agreement Template

27 March 2024 - The role of artifical intelligence and emerging productivity tools in aged care | Governing for Reform - In this webinar the panel delves into the potential for artificial intelligence to help reshape the delivery of aged care services.

19 March 2024 - Targeting Racism in Recruitment Practices Webinar | Anglicare Southern Queensland - Recent studies show that when it comes to the aged care sector's migrant workforce, the discussion frequently revolves around recruitment as a solution for labour shortages, which tends to overshadow the needs of the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) workforce in the industry. This webinar aims to raise awareness of racism and discrimination faced by people from CALD backgrounds in recruitment, particularly in the aged care industry.

19 March 2024 - Quarterly Sector Performance Report | Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission - Recording | Presentation Slides

13 March 2024 - Rethink Reablement National Forum | Keepable. This online forum included a lineup of distinguished speakers and presenters who are all at the forefront of innovation and expertise in wellness and reablement.

6 March 2024 - The importance of leadership and culture in engaging the aged care workforce | Governing for Reform - The purpose of this webinar was to provide insight into how to develop and retain a skilled, experienced, and engaged aged care workforce is critical for success.

15 February 2024 - The Reforms and CHSPThe Queensland CHSP Sector Support and Development Network* spoke with Russell Herald, Assistant Secretary of the Home Support Operations Branch, Australian Department of Health and Aged Care. Russell responded to questions from CHSP Providers and discussed the Department of Health and Aged Care's current view on CHSP, the Aged Care Reforms and Support at Home.

8 February 2024 - Journey Mapping webinar for CEO’s, Board Members and Senior Leaders | Grampians Sector Development Team

6 February 2024 - Supporting sector readiness for the new strengthened Aged Care Quality Standards webinar and slide deck | Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission 

2024 - Towards Specialisation Verification Webinars | Bayside City Council Sector Support and Development Team - Towards Specialisation - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Intersex People | Veterans | Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Communities | Care Leavers | People Affected by Forced Adoption | People who are financially or socially disadvantaged, experiencing or at risk of homelessness, People who Live in Rural or Remote Areas | Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples 

2024 - ITC Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Implementing a Home Care Client Management System (CMS) | Bayside City Council Sector Support and Development Team.

14 December 2023 - New Aged Care Act and Support at Home Program Update and Slide Deck | Department of Health and Aged Care

7 December 2023 - Person-Centred Care | COTA Queensland's Sector Support and Development Team spoke with volunteer mentors Christine Jenkins and Celsie Mead. Christine and Celsie share their personal experiences of receiving home care support services and participating in co-design processes, providing valuable insights into what quality care looks like for an older person.

16 November 2023 - Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) update for providers | Department of Health and Aged Care 

November 2023 Digital Transformation Tech Talk | Department of Health and Aged Care

24 October 2023 - Aged Care Data and Digital Strategy Webinar | Department of Health and Aged Care

12 October 2023 - Provider Viability and Preparing for the Transition | COTA Queensland's CHSP Sector Support and Development Team spoke with Donna Leigh, CEO at ECHO, Malanda. Donna spoke about the decisions she needed to make to keep the service viable, along with how they're preparing for the reforms. Donna discussed challenges, thoughts behind the decisions she made, and how ECHO have positioned themselves to transition through the aged care reforms.

24 August 2023 - Growing Your Aged Care Workforce | The COTA Queensland Sector Support and Development Team spoke with Lisa Steele, a Regional Workforce Coordinator with Skills Hubs. Lisa provided information on the Growing Your Workforce trial. While the trial is coming to an end, Lisa shares recruitment and retention learnings from the trial which are relevant to providers now and into the future.

24 August 2023 - Looking for Opportunities in Rural Communities | COTA Queensland's Sector Support and Development Team spoke with Margaret Lewis and Lee Cotter, Gemfields Community Support Organisation. Various topics were covered, including the involvement of university students and community services, as well as staff becoming allied health assistants.

20 June 2023 - The Racism & Refusal of Care Webinar | Anglicare Southern Queensland - It is estimated that 25% to 30% of Australian carers are from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse groups*. Unfortunately, many of these carers experience biases towards them and not much support is available as it is a topic that is often overlooked or treated as “a part of the job”. The Racism & Refusal of Care Webinar aims to raise awareness of the prevalent racism and discrimination that aged care workers experience daily, with a focus on the refusal of care based on ethnicity. The session provides practical tips on how to support employees who experience racism and refusal of care as well as strategies and ideas for managing this with clients and their families.

15 June 2023 - Digital Transformation | COTA Queensland's CHSP Sector Support team spoke with Peter Devine, General Manager at Byron Shire Respite Service. Peter shared his organisation's digital transformation journey of change. 

20 April 2023 - The Aged Care Workforce | COTA Queensland's CHSP Sector Support and Development Team spoke with Ian Montague, Director of Skills Hubs. Ian provided insights into recruitment and retention for the aged care workforce, as well as discussing the Home Care Workforce Support Program.

1 March 2023 - Exploring the role of governing bodies and executives in leading digital adoption | Governing for Reform - We are all operating in an increasingly ‘digital’ world. The use of technology in the aged care sector has the potential to change the way providers deliver services and improve consumers outcomes. Governing bodies that view technology as an enabler of improvement and change are better positioned to be able to respond to change, identify opportunities for improvement and continue to deliver high quality care.

16 February 2023 - Business Innovation and Growth | COTA Queensland's Sector Support and Development Team spoke with Cheryl Dalton, CEO of South Burnett Care. Cheryl spoke about business innovation and sustainability, approaching this from the head and the heart in growing her organisation.

1 February 2023 - Improving Clinical Governance Culture | Governing for Reform - This webinar explores the importance of building a good clinical governance culture within your organisation, and your role as an executive or governing body member in leading and managing clinical governance effectively.

2023 - Leading for Reform - A Collective Leadership Challenge | Governing for Reform - This webinar equips the participants and leaders of the Governing for Reform in Aged Care program to reflect on their own leadership approaches and adopt new habits to navigate the reform environment. It focuses on the practice of leadership in highly complex and disrupted environments at two levels – self-leadership and collective leadership.

20 October 2022 - Aged Care Reform - Our journey so far | COTA Queensland’s Sector Support and Development Team spoke with Melissa Bannerman, Chief Operations Officer with STAR Community Services about their journey moving through the many years of aged care reform and the catalyst for change.

2022/2023 - Rebuilding Trust in the Aged Care Sector | Rebuilding Trust in the Aged Care Sector | Governing for Reform - This webinar will explore the development and repair of trust in organisations, and particularly in contexts where trust is challenged. Included will be concepts surrounding the role that trust plays in ensuring stakeholder engagement, championing internal improvement processes, and navigating reform and transformation.

2022/2023 - Service Excellence: Driving towards Innovation and Change | Governing for Reform - When it comes to the quality and safety of care, a leader holds an inherent responsibility to enable the systemic shift needed to transition away from a compliance mindset, where the focus is on meeting minimum standards, towards one of innovation, growth, and leadership.

2022/2023 - Strategic Planning: Putting Humans at the Centre | Governing for Reform - To continue to thrive, organisations require a strategy. There’s no one size fits all approach to strategic planning. To successfully adapt, organisations must incorporate an iterative approach to strategy development and should tailor strategy to suit their individual goals and needs.

2022/2023 - The Future of Aged Care - Leading the Transformation | Governing for Reform - This webinar explores how transformation creates opportunity especially for sector wide change. Leaders in all roles across the sector need to be able to adapt and evolve their behaviour to embrace new opportunities to innovate and support each other to thrive into the future.

2022/2023 - Transforming for an Inclusive Future: Cultural Safety for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Elders | Governing for Reform - This webinar draws on the deep experience of panel members to discuss the importance of creating and/or strengthening culturally safe, inclusive and accessible services. The discussion focuses on what reform in aged care will mean to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander elders who access aged care services.

2022/2023 - Transforming for an Inclusive Future: Why, How, Who? | Governing for Reform - This webinar explores the role of the governing body and executive leaders in driving change and setting the example for inclusive services. Listen to discussions around why it is important to address diversity, how to ensure that diversity is addressed and that an inclusive approach is a cornerstone of our organisations.

2022/2023 - Clinical governance for non-clinicians: the importance of a shared approach | Governing for Reform - Ensuring robust clinical and corporate governance is vital for aged care providers, however the interplay between them can be challenging. In this webinar find out how you, your governing body, and executive team can take a shared response to optimise clinical governance and ensure that your organisation continually delivers high quality care.

2022/2023 - Co-Designing for the Future of Aged Care | Governing for Reform - Across the aged care sector, executive leaders and governing body members are being asked to consider how they can do more, with less. Organisations are faced with the challenge of navigating major reform, ensuring excellent services, while also focussing on growth and efficiency. This webinar explores the importance of executing a deliberate approach to co-designing aged care services with consumers.  

2022/2023 - Informed Decision Making for Boards and Leaders | Governing for Reform - Governing bodies of aged care providers hold ultimate responsibility for the quality of care and services provided in their organisation. As core decision-makers, they need to ensure that they have a genuine understanding of what is happening in their service and are adequately informed of key issues. Find out how you, your governing body, and executive team can make more informed decisions for your provider.

2022/2023 - Diversity of thought: A shared approach to leadership in aged care | Governing for Reform - Given the diversity of the Australian population it is crucial for the leadership in aged care to be representative of the communities they serve. Listen to this webinar to find out how you, your governing body and your executives can foster diverse leadership and diversity of thought to strengthen your organisation.

2022/2023 - Making bold decisions for a successful future | Governing for Reform - Bold thinking and decision-making are crucial for any leader and can help to create and maintain a strong vision for an organisation's future. Listen to strategies for governing complex decisions, and the importance of maintaining a vision for the future in strategy development and decision-making.

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