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Our Election Priorities

We are developing our statement of priorities for the 2020 Queensland state election. This statement will list the big issues for Queenslanders as we age, and what we're asking of the incoming Queensland Government. It will be the basis for our discussions with members of all political parties in Queensland.

We want to know what is important for you!

Thisconsultation has been extended due to the COVID-19 outbreak and will now close on 19th April 2020.

The number of older Australians will grow rapidly over the next several decades, and Queensland will be no exception.

Older Queenslanders contribute significantly to this state. However, their continued contribution and wellbeing needs to be supported by age-friendly policies, services, and infrastructure.

We are preparing a statement of priorities to help guide political parties and candidates in the 2020 Queensland State Election to develop policies that can best support the needs of Queenslanders as we age.

  • Draft priorities statement developed
  • Community consultation on priorities
  • Election submission finalised
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