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  • CHSP 2024-25 Manual - 1 July update

    The Department of Health and Aged care have updated the CHSP Manual.

    This 2024–2025 manual provides an overview of the CHSP, including the service types it funds and requirements for delivering those services. It is for CHSP providers to use, and forms part of their CHSP grant agreement.

    The CHSP Manual 2024–2025 has been updated to reflect minor changes to policy and program requirements and has had a formatting update with a view to make the manual more reader friendly. This version supersedes previous versions.

    Updates include, but are not limited to:

    • the inclusion of Aged Care Reform information
    • eligibility and waitlists
    • domestic assistance, Goods, Equipment and Assistive Technology, meals and nursing
    • consideration of carers
    • sector support and development
    • MMM loadings
    • flexibility provisions
    • quality and complaints
    • Serious Incident Response Scheme
    • financial responsibilties
    • compliance
    • reporting

    Be sure to familiarise yourself with the updated manual. Access the manual here.

    • CHSP Provider Manual
    • Appendix A - Context and history of the CHSP
    • Appendix B - Embedding wellness and reablement in the CHSP
    • Appendix C - Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) contacts, supports and resources
    • Appendix D - CHSP client and carer supports, resources and information
    • Appendix E - CHSP Police Certificate Guidelines
    • Appendix F - Guide to the National CHSP Client Contribution Framework
    • Appendix G - CHSP National Unit Price Ranges and reasonable client contributions
    • Appendix H - CHSP Compliance Framework 2024–25
    • Appendix I - CHSP service catalogue
    • Appendix J - CHSP Community Transport Pricing Pilot - This appendix is coming soon
    • Summary of changes to the CHSP Manual 2024–2025