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Getting back to the activities that matter

During the pandemic, many of the activities and groups that were a regular part of our lives had to be stopped, or moved online. This meant that many of us couldn't connect with each other and take part in the things that matter to us to the extent we would like. We know that isolation and loneliness has been a big concern.

Now we are starting to be able to get back to doing all the things we love.

What has your experience been like?

What have you missed during lockdown and what are you most looking forward to doing again?

Will you go back to all the things you used to do or has anything changed for you now?

COTA Queensland
Published On
 Wed, 17 Jun 2020
  • Missing my essenual exercises ,I am on palliative care and MS and my left side has weakened and I have had 3 falls still suffering seeing doctor tomorrow with the results of x-rays hoping to see the specialists as soon as possible .Returning to excercise on tuesday

    Commented on:
     Thu, 16 Jul 2020
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