Social Isolation and Loneliness

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  • COTA Queensland recommendations to Queensland Parliamentary Inquiry

    COTA Queensland’s submission was sent to Queensland Parliament 18 August. A copy of our submission is available here.

    The Queensland Parliamentary Inquiry into Social Isolation and Loneliness received a total of 179 submissions. The Community Support and Services Committee met 30 August 2021 for a public briefing. A transcript of the proceedings is available here.

    A summary of COTA Queensland's recommendations regarding social isolation and loneliness is below.

    In light of the current global and Australian evidence, and the issues identified around social isolation and loneliness for Queenslanders, we strongly recommend the inclusion of an age-friendly framework which is also informed by the World Health Organisation's (WHO’s) Decade of Healthy Ageing strategy regarding social isolation and loneliness.

    To the Inquiry, we presented five key recommendations (along with examples of opportunities for action):

    1. To address the community and societal factors that contribute to social isolation and loneliness the Queensland Government strengthens its approach to achieving age-friendly communities.

    2. In consultation with Queensland communities and stakeholders develop and implement a range of interventions that would most effectively assist those impacted by social isolation and loneliness.

    3. Peak bodies such as COTA Queensland to collaborate with independent organisations and committees to better elevate the knowledge around effective interventions. The overall responsibility for the development and delivery of enhanced existing interventions or new interventions to be assigned to appropriate organisations.

    4. Ensure the provision of program funding that reflects the scope and importance of the intervention work.

    5. Establish a Taskforce comprised of representatives of the three levels of government, the community and health sectors to coordinate a whole of community response to social isolation and loneliness.

    Detailed recommendations and opportunities are provided in the complete submission.

    Thank you for your survey responses and ideas wall contributions to the date.

    A friendly reminder that the Social Isolation and Loneliness Community Hub will remain open for 2021, and we encourage people to share this link with their friends, colleagues and peers as we are keen to continue to expand our understanding of social isolation and loneliness in all-age communities in Queensland.